Shooting Schedule

This schedule is in draft form, and is subject to change. Changes will be posted here, and the final schedule will be posted as soon as it is available.

Schedule last updated : 01/16/2018

Thursday,May 3rd : Setup staff, some CRO/ROs and limited shooter slots. Shooters should report to the range at 1000 for registration and briefing. Shooting will start at approximately 1100 and will end at approximately 1700. Squad sizes will be approximately 6 shooters, and total number of squads will approximately 6. We recommend this option for local shooters due to the slight flexibility of the start time.

Friday, May 4th : 13 person squads. 3 to 4 staff members per squad. 9-10 shooter slots per squad. All stages will be additionally manned by a 1-2 person CRO/RO staff crew to maintain stage consistency. All staff and shooters will be expected to help paste targets.

Saturday, May 5th : AM and PM squads available. 8 people per squad. Staff members will be pasting. Shooters will only be asked to paste if there is a need to prevent a schedule delay. All stages will have between 4 and 5 staff members assisting.

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