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Location : Palmetto Gun Club outside of Charleston, SC.

Directions : Click here

Dates : May 3rd, 4th and 5th, 2018

Format / Pricing: 

Match Fee: $130 (includes free t-shirt)

Thursday shooters ($20 discount on match fee): This is a special match staff shooting day. The MD, RM, RE, stats, etc will be shooting along with a small group of other staff members. We will have a very limited number of normal shooter slots open for this day (less than 20). All stages will be shot between approximately 11:00am and 5:00pm with no formal break. Pizzas will be delivered to the range for lunch. Squads will be limited to approximately 6 shooters each, and there will only be approximately 6 total squads. We recommend this day for local shooters since the times are estimated.

Friday shooters ($20 discount on match fee): All day format (all 9 stages + chrono will be shot in one day). You will shoot in a squad with staff members. Squads will have up to 13 shooters, with 4-6 of those shooters being staff members. Staff will be ROing and scoring all shooters. Shooters will need to provide some assistance with pasting targets

Saturday shooters: Half-Day format (all 9 stages + chrono will be shot in either a morning session or an afternoon session). Squads will have up to 8 shooters. Staff members will be ROing, scoring and pasting. Shooters will only be asked to assist with pasting if there is a need to prevent a schedule delay.

The shooting schedule for all day is available here: SHOOTING SCHEDULE


Prizes:  This is a trophy match. Personalized trophies will be provided to competitors that place at the top of their divisions/classes/categories in accordance with the USPSA Rule book Appendix A2. All competitors will be eligible for random-draw “door prizes”. The number of door-prizes (and, thus, the number of competitors winning a door prize) will depend on the number of items we receive from the sponsors. Not all competitors will win a door prize.

Stages: 9 total stages and a chronograph stage

Payments: We accept credit cards through Practiscore/Stripe. Cash / Checks are not accepted via mail. You may pay using cash/check only by special arrangement with the match director. Junior Shooters are discounted to $90. The $20 discount for Thursday and Friday does not apply to junior shooters. PAYMENT IS NOT REQUIRED TO SQUAD, BUT PAYMENT MUST BE MADE WITHIN 48 HOURS OR ELSE YOUR REGISTRATION WILL BE REMOVED. Since Practiscore does not have a method to allow for different pricing for match registration, Juniors, Thursday and Friday shooters are asked to please wait until the match director has updated your price with the appropriate discount and sent you an email before you pay. You will have 48 hours to pay once you receive the email.

Refund Policy: The last day to get a full refund on the match fee is Sunday, April 1st. Partial (50%) refunds are available from April 2nd through April 15th. There will be no refunds permitted after April 15th.

Match T-Shirts: We will be working with a local, Charleston based t-shirt company to produce high quality cotton t-shirts this year. They will be free for all registered shooters. Additional t-shirts can be purchased for between $12 and $15 on our storefront. More information to follow.

Match Registration: Registration opens on Wednesday, January 24th at 8pm.  Registration is available via Practiscore here:    Staff should NOT register using this link. If you want to be staff, there is a separate registration link on our staff page here: click here