August 6th, 2016 Match Announcement and Online Registration

We are having our monthly match this weekend. Here’s the info :


PCC : PCC shooters are welcome to squad in any squad they want. The match director will be shooting PCC in squad 6 for those that wish to squad with other PCC shooters.  You must have a chamber flag. If you don’t have one, a limited amount will be for sale at the match ($2). Please email if you need me to reserve you one.

SETUP HELP : We will accept volunteers to come out on Friday to help setup stages. We need only a limited amount of volunteers on Saturday for final setup. If you want to volunteer to help setup either day, please email for times/instructions.

Match Time : Saturday July 2nd. Registration 0900-0945. First shots at 1000.

Match Fee : $15

Round Count : 6 stages (1 classifier) with a round count of approximately 115 rounds.As always, we recommend you bring twice that many rounds in case you need to do reshoots.

Online Registration :

Registration closes at 5:30pm on Friday night. If you do not pre-register and squad yourself by this time, you will not have your choice of squad. This policy is being enforced 100% from this point forward. Any shooter who does not pre-register will be notified which squad they have been placed in during the shooter’s briefing.

Shooters Briefing : There WILL BE a shooters briefing this month. Please report in front of bay #3 for the briefing at 0955.
Payment / Offiline Registration : 9:00am in the white classroom building.Registration closes promptly at 9:45am so that we have time to sync the tablets and start shooting on time.
NEW SHOOTERS : A new shooter orientation will be held at 9:00am. If this is your first time shooting a USPSA match, you must attend the new shooters orientation at this time or you will not be permitted to shoot.
Unofficial match results will be posted to immediately following the match. Official results are posted to a the morning after the match (search for SC03). Match results links will also be posted to .
We look forward to seeing everyone on Saturday. If you have any comments/questions/suggestions for the new match directors, please track one of us down at the match.
Your USPSA @ PGC Match Directors