October 1st, 2016 Match Announcement and Online Registration

Hello Shooters:
We are having our monthly USPSA Match this weekend.IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENTS

SETUP HELP: We have had a serious lack of help setting up our matches as of late. This is a volunteer sport. The match directors receive absolutely no compensation for the hours of effort put into setting up the matches. The matches will cease if we don’t start getting more help.

We need volunteers to come out on Friday to help setup stages. We will also need a limited amount of volunteers on Saturday for final setup. If you want to volunteer to help setup either day, please email pgcuspsa@gmail.com for times/instructions.

Match Time : Saturday, October 1st. Registration 0900-0945. First shots at 1000.

Match Fee : $15  (Note : The match fee will be increasing as of Jan. 2017)

Round Count : 6 stages (1 classifier) with a round count of approximately 105 to 125 rounds. As always, we recommend you bring twice that many rounds in case you need to do reshoots.

Online Registration : https://practiscore.com/palmetto-gun-club-october-2016-uspsa/register

Registration closes at 5:30pm on Friday night. If you do not pre-register and squad yourself by this time, you will not have your choice of squad. This policy is being enforced 100% from this point forward. Any shooter who does not pre-register will be notified which squad they have been placed in during the shooter’s briefing.

Shooters Briefing : There WILL BE a shooters briefing this month in front of bay 3 and 4 at 0955.
Payment / Offiline Registration : 0900 in the white classroom building. Registration closes promptly at 0945 so that we have time to sync the tablets and start shooting on time.
NEW SHOOTERS : A new shooter orientation will be held at 0900. If this is your first time shooting a USPSA match, you must attend the new shooters orientation at this time or you will not be permitted to shoot.
MATCH SETUP : There will be no Saturday morning setup this month. All match setup will occur on Friday. Please email pgcuspsa@gmail.com if you would like to come outon Friday to help setup.
MATCH/RANGE RULES : COLD RANGE RULES ARE IN EFFECT!!  No handling of firearms unless you are in a designated safety area (cars are NOT safe areas!) or under the direction of a range officer. This means all firearms must be in a bag, box, holster, etc. all other times. No ammo, snap-caps, dummy ammo, etc. will be handled in the safety area.  There are no exceptions!  Also, please remember to wear your eye and ear protection. This also goes for all bystanders/family members that may be joining you on the range. Thanks for your cooperation.

MATCH TEARDOWN : Each squad is responsible for tearing down their last stage.Please check with a match director to get approval to tear down before you remove any of the props.

All pistol bays in use by USPSA are considered CLOSED until the match directors have completed tear down and clean up. Please do not try to shoot on any of the USPSA bays until you have cleared it with the match directors.

Unofficial match results will be posted to practiscore.com immediately following the match. Official results are posted to uspsa.org a few hours after the match (search for SC03). Match results links will also be posted to www.charlestonuspsa.com .

We look forward to seeing everyone on Saturday. If you have any comments/questions/suggestions for the new match directors, please track one of us down at the match.